Aligning Evaluation and Curriculum

This resource describes different options for addressing the potential tension that could arise between a required evaluation tool and the content-specific and/or curriculum-specific walkthrough tool you have adopted or constructed through your vision setting process.

Three Pillars of Teacher Support

This resource provides an overview of the Three Pillars of Teacher Support-Train, Plan, and Coach, including their key components and how they work together.

PowerPoint Sharing Selection Decision and Rationale

This resource is designed to share why educators in our district decided to select a new math curriculum, explain how the selection process worked and who was involved in it, and announce which curriculum was selected and why.

Coaching Models Overview

This resource is a high-level overview of a sample coaching model and process. This model could be used with formal instructional coaches or a teacher leader coaching structure. Whether formal coaching or teacher leader coaching is used, this model requires content expertise and a strong understanding of the materials from the person supporting the teacher.

Coach Curriculum Training

This resource is an overview of how to support and train coaches in utilizing the curriculum in their coaching process. This is not an exhaustive list for coach training, but rather a list of focused recommendations for building coaches’ skill set in using the curriculum.

Coaching Support

This resource includes ideas and resources for leveraging materials as part of coaching practice.