End-of-Year Stepback Considerations for Staffing

This resource supports planning for your End-of-Year Stepback. The End-of-Year Stepback has new dimensions to consider around staffing changes for the following year. This resource is a starting place for what you should consider.

Project Planning Check-in Agenda

This check-in agenda can be used for regular but brief meetings of the implementation team to assess progress on the implementation plan and progress towards goals, with opportunities to synthesize learnings and adjust the plan.

Guide for Discussing Assessment

This resource provides a guide to managing emotions around assessment. It outlines key messages that can help clarify the importance of assessment in teaching and learning as well as specific ideas about how to handle possible scenarios that may emerge as stakeholders review assessments embedded in the curriculum.

Questions for Naming Curriculum Criteria

This resource is a starting point for the kinds of questions you can ask stakeholders in a survey or focus group. The responses to these questions should help generate curriculum criteria.

Procurement Options

This resource outlines options for procuring and printing resources. It also shares questions that you can ask developers and distributors to help you make an informed choice.

Procurement Responsibilities

This resource outlines the different procurement responsibilities and provides a template that you can use for assigning those responsibilities. It also gives a sample procurement timeline.