Aligning Evaluation and Curriculum

This resource describes different options for addressing the potential tension that could arise between a required evaluation tool and the content-specific and/or curriculum-specific walkthrough tool you have adopted or constructed through your vision setting process.

Key Messages for Maintaining High Expectations for Students

This resource provides ideas to support conversations about high expectations for students. It includes key messages to highlight, tips on facilitating difficult conversations, and resources to lead the group to shared understandings around expectations.

Examples of Mid-Year Adjustments

This resource provides examples of mid-year adjustments a system might make when implementing new materials. This can help give you an idea for how to make changes to improve implementation during the school year.

Tracking Materials Orders

This resource provides a tracking template for all materials, along with a sample calendar for key action items.

Guidance on Pilots and Selection

This resource provides an overview of the different options for piloting materials, as well as the design considerations for pilots.

Completed Assessment Inventory

This resource provides a completed example of the Assessment Inventory Template for a school from our early implementer group. These use notes are not intended to be an evaluation of this assessment, but are intended to share how one system thought about their use of this specific assessment.