Assessment Purpose Template

This resource provides a template for you to organize your analysis of current assessments and their purposes. It can be helpful to use your Assessment Inventory as a starting place. This template is designed to capture your final decisions.

Coach Curriculum Training

This resource is an overview of how to support and train coaches in utilizing the curriculum in their coaching process. This is not an exhaustive list for coach training, but rather a list of focused recommendations for building coaches’ skill set in using the curriculum.

Implementation Team Charge

This resource is a draft charge that you can provide to the Implementation Support Team. It outlines the rationale for the work and team norms.

Selection Timelines

This resource provides some sample timelines for schools or systems to use as a starting point for the selection process.

Common Materials and Vision Training Needs

This resource lists common needs for teacher and leader training. Some systems opt to have teachers and leaders together for these trainings so that they can learn side-by-side through digging into materials. Others opt to offer add-on sessions for leaders around the “leader layer” of giving content-specific feedback on teachers’ implementation.

Pacing Guidance

This resource provides considerations and guidance for setting pacing across the school year. The underlying consideration is figuring out how shared the expectations will be (i.e. which groups are expected to be on the same schedule).