Resources on Grading

This resource outlines the considerations that should be taken prior to finalizing or adjusting a grading policy. It also provides example grading policies and links to relevant resources about grading research, guidelines, and principles. You can also refer to the resource, “Grading Challenges”, before constructing or revising a policy.

Common Grading Challenges

This resource outlines some of the challenges and considerations around grading during the implementation process. These are some of the more common challenges that arise, but please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and some unique grading challenges might not be reflected here.

Guidance on Curriculum Use

This resource outlines some considerations to think through when determining the expectations for use of the new curriculum. For more information about what this looks like in practice, refer to the Sample Use Guidance resource.

Progress Monitoring Practices

This resource outlines best practices in progress monitoring as well as gives guidance on how often data is collected and analyzed.

Selection Training Agenda

This resource provides an agenda for training the Review Committee on the rubric and procedures for curriculum review.

Example Curriculum Use Guidance

This resource is a sample of what a Use Guidance document could look like. This example is for ELA based on Core Knowledge materials.

PowerPoint Sharing Selection Decision and Rationale

This resource is designed to share why educators in our district decided to select a new math curriculum, explain how the selection process worked and who was involved in it, and announce which curriculum was selected and why.